Have you ever asked the question, “Who has the biggest, grandest house in most towns across the country or the world?” We all expect rich and famous people to have beautiful mansions, but what about someone who lived about 2000+ years ago, Jesus Christ?

Those blessed ones deeply touched by Jesus Christ think nothing of having to spend on a beautiful church for Him, arrange for prayers and offerings to honor Him.

The beautiful Divine principle at work here is this “whatever you give in God’s name will come back to you manifold”. And the many billions who follow some God or guru, living or in spirit, all look for grace using this guaranteed-to-work principle.

Jesus and many other saints enjoy great privileges and honor, simply because they really can help you even today, long after they are no longer physically present!

Mahaan Séshadri Swamigal and me
There are many people all over the world, who know the living presence of Mahaan even today. Mahaan promises to help all those come to Him, regardless of their race, creed, color or religion.

As the bible says, “Ask and you shall receive”, so also ask Mahaan with devotion and sincerity and you shall receive.

A great Mantra and Grace
Great masters often give mantras, to help devotees “access” grace. Mantras are divine sounds with potent power to benefit anyone who chants them or thinks about them.

A beautiful mantra that can give you untold amount of benefits is:
Om Sadguru Sri Séshadri Swamigal Tiruvadike

Here is how you pronounce it:
Om sudh-guru sree say-shah-dreeh swah-mee-gull thi-roo-wuh-dee-kay

Repeat the above mantra as often as you can with devotion and faith, and watch miracles happen in your life.

Automatic grace
Furthermore, even if you are remotely connected with Mahaan, you will still benefit from His Grace. Here’s an analogy to help you understand this. One of the easiest ways to get a Mother’s affection and attention is to be her son or daughter. But even if you are a friend of the son/daughter, the mother will still like you, because her child likes you. It is said that a way to a mother’s heart is to do something nice for her child.

Similarly, if you do something for a devotee of Mahaan, you receive His grace because you helped out someone who is near and dear to Him.

Mahaan Séshadri Swamigal is the Saint with the Golden Hand. Since his childhood he has made miracles happen in many lives. In many parts of Southern India, you will find his picture in many businesses and homes, because his Grace and willingness to bless people of faith is well recorded.

All great saints believe in universality. If you are born a Christian and firmly believe in Jesus, but ask Mahaan for His grace, you will surely receive it. It’s like you seeing your primary physician but you might also see other doctors.

Mahaan’s grace is there for the asking. Read about Him; chant/meditate on the beautiful mantra Om Sadguru Sri Séshadri Swamigal Tiruvadike, enjoy health, peace, prosperity and joy!

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